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Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at
Mon Mar 9 15:40:14 EDT 2015

Hi there,

Please pardon the cross-posting, but I'm going to need as broad an 
audience I can get.

My personal corner of the universe is squarely within the RPM(4) based 
systems on this globe, and as such I've written up the bare necessities 
to get from a "yum install" to a successful IMAP login:

Some of you will have noticed that Linux distros like Debian, Ubuntu and 
openSUSE have not (at all) been documented to the same "standard" (I use 
this term loosely).

The same, in fact, goes for the DIY installation guide [1] (where all 
dependency names are RPM(4)-based platform package names) and the custom 
version guide(s) for each platform -- as well as the hints for packagers 
for that matter.

I would like to not be as ignorant as I seem, and therefore I'm asking 
for your help in composing the notes on what is necessary to get from an 
apt-get or zypper install to a successful IMAP login for your favourite 
platform -- including those not currently listed.

I'll take anything from a few scribbles on the mailing-list to a patch 
review in Phabricator, and I think the CentOS/RHEL guide is quite that 
bare minimum effort we're looking to document (based on the current 

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen


Systems Architect, Kolab Systems AG

e: vanmeeuwen at
m: +41 79 951 9003

pgp: 9342 BF08

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