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Mon Mar 9 06:46:32 EDT 2015

On 2015-03-05 07:26, Chris Davies wrote:
> Posting to the mailing list as there is currently no documentation
> section in Bugzilla:
> *Cyrus Documentation:*
>  * The "Introduction to Cyrus documentation contains an <acronym> tag
>    with no text explaining what AMS is. This results in some web
>    browsers displaying a '?' when the cursor is over the AMS text:

It's the Andrew Mail System as mentioned but you're correct in that the 
abbreviation should be defined in the docs as well.

I've fixed this in my local working copy, so it shouldn't be long for 
that to end up on

>  * The Debian & OpenSUSE install guides are missing:

Yes, they are looking for volunteers.

>  * The build-dependencies page links to
> for cyrus-sasl-devel.
>    This is not the most recent version. That page also says it was last
>    modified in 1999 but contains a build from 2003.
>  * The DIY page
>    (/cyrus-docs-master/build/html/imap/installation/diy.html) points to
> This returns a 404.

I've used the `rpm -qi` URLs for all these packages, some indeed may 
need corrections.

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