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Chris Davies chris at
Thu Mar 5 01:26:25 EST 2015

Posting to the mailing list as there is currently no documentation
section in Bugzilla:

 * Broken links on FAQ page 'Page tools' and expand/collapse section
   heads. Video here[1].
 * 'Contribute' page has a broken link to
 * The footer is 5 years out of date: "© 1999-2010 Carnegie Mellon
   University. All Rights Reserved."
 * Documentation[2] for 2.5 has 2.4 in the title.
 * Should redirect to ?
 * Should we close down the old docs website to avoid confusion and
   redirect to ?

*Cyrus Documentation:*
 * The "Introduction to Cyrus documentation contains an <acronym> tag
   with no text explaining what AMS is. This results in some web
   browsers displaying a '?' when the cursor is over the AMS text:
 * The Debian & OpenSUSE install guides are missing:

 * The build-dependencies page links to for cyrus-sasl-devel.
   This is not the most recent version. That page also says it was last
   modified in 1999 but contains a build from 2003.
 * The DIY page
   (/cyrus-docs-master/build/html/imap/installation/diy.html) points to This returns a 404.

*Broken links:*
 * links to
   syncnews[3] (404) and master[4] (404)
 * The
   text *"For Kerberos support, you'll need the kerberos libraries.
   At CMU, the version we use comes from here." *links to
   [] which has been removed.
   Thanks, Chris


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