Meeting notes 26/2

Bron Gondwana brong at
Fri Feb 27 07:17:16 EST 2015

Sorry I didn't type these up earlier!

We met on hangouts and #cyrus as usual.  9am Melbourne time, seems pretty good for everybody.  Ken missed the meeting due to a crazy couple of days, but everyone else was there.

* Cyrus 2.5 work - master branch replication + cassandane tests.  Bugfixed various things which crept in.
* FastMail production code rebased on top of current master and rolled out.  Found some annotation issues.

* needs Jenkins login
* decided to build a new Jenkins install on new hardware, modern OS.  Will build on FastMail kit.

* Phabricator up.
* DNS set up.  Getting SSL key.
* Can set up build integration with CI system.
* Need to create accounts (Bron especially) and get people access
* Will activate email sending soon - can get quite spammy
* Question: do we want to use the full workflow built into Phabricator?  Conclusion: yes, let's try it for at least a few weeks.
* Magic switchover point to git.c.f being the primary git commit point?  Next week.
* Will move everything, including legacy branches

* reconfigured sphinx/build system for docs.
* documentation repo into Phab now
* Look at the Cyrus instruction on TLDP ( - contact original author, get it updated
* Would be good to chase down any old docs out there and have them removed or updated
* Anthony emailed some questions to Bron, would be good to add such things to FAQ.
* Has been told to email questions to Bron/Ken especially if there are any, and badger us until we respond!  We are a resource for doc people.

* Tons of changes from security audit - sent to Bron to look at.
* (we talked a lot, but I didn't take enough notes here, and I've forgotten a bit sorry)

* working on building with openssl=no
* virtual machines set up

Next meeting is on Monday, but an hour earlier, so 6am US East, 10pm Melbourne.


  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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