Minutes 23 Feb

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Feb 23 08:19:42 EST 2015

Meeting was held in Google Hangout  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g4xnqjjb5zvomzeb4kqvja3fz4a?hl=en

Time: 20150223T12:00:00Z - 7am US East, 1pm Europe, 11pm Melbourne.

Present (by irc nic):
achowe (Anthony Howe)
brong (Bron Gondwana)
elliefm (Ellie Timoney)
kmurchison (Ken Murchison)
tankenmate (Matt Keenan)
^Simon^ (Simon Amor)
 (Steven Kelbley)

I'm afraid I didn't catch all the names, because I forgot to take a lot, and I can't see how to get the history from G+.  Something for next time.

* 2.5 status
* phabricator/infrastructure
* code standards
* ownership of project areas

2.5 Status:

* Bron - has new sync code working and will push it after this meeting, then branch for 2.5.


* those who have looked at it say it's good, and we have Jeroen willing to make it happen, so that's two plusses.  All agreed that we will use it for the current 3.0 project.

Code Standards:

We bikeshedded for a bit with the usual split between people who like tabs for indent (choose your own tab level), and those who like all spaces (no copypaste/diff display damage)

Final statement was "if editing existing code, make it look like the code around it".  If we make any major layout changes, they will be at a pre-declared time with everyone getting their chanages in before or re-building them after.  It's going to cost everyone a bunch of work if they have branches in progress.


The Cyrus foundation's largest sponsors are Netmail, represented by Pierre Chamberland, followed by FastMail, represented by Bron.  Bron to talk to Pierre over the next couple of days about budget for hiring people for QA and Documentation.

We have some people working dedicated time on the project (paid for by their respective employers)

* Anthony - sponsor Cyrus Foundation - full time
* Bron - sponsor FastMail -  ~20 hours/week
* Ellie - sponsor FastMail - 20 hours/week
* Ken - sponsor CMU
* Jeroen - sponsor Kolab

As well as some lovely people who have volunteered what time they can give:
* Matt - hopefully ~8 hours/week
* Steven - studying full time now, but hoping to have lots of time for the project over the summer break (end of May)

We will hopefully have other people being paid by the Cyrus Foundation for their work over time, though it won't come with automatic "ownership" privileges over code areas!

Task allocation:

NOTE: "ownership" very much implies responsibility as much as rights.  As the owner of a section of the project, you are responsible for making sure that the necessary work to have it at releasable quality gets done, regardless of who actually does it, and coordinate tasks so that everyone working in that area is working to the same goal.  It doesn't give you bossing around rights!

 * CardDAV/CalDAV  - he's the expert and he's already working on it.  Ken and Bron agreed to spend some time once 2.5 goes live to bring Ken's development work over to a 2.5 branch and make sure everything necessary from caldav-2.4 comes over.

* Search:  both existing Xapian-based and Squatter code, and a JSON/HTTP client for external engines.
* Import/Export
* Security Audit
* autoconf/automake (to talk to Dillyan - 

* Documentation

 * cyrus.foundation domain, Phrabricator, infrastructure (dobbed in, not in the meeting)

* splitting lib/imap code into sensible directories and heirarchy
* configuration parsing
* potentially SNMP/statistics code (I have an email from Greg somewhere detailing what's needed here)

* storage backends
* backup/restore

* Cyrus 2.5
* Replication
* Integrity tooling

* murder
* sieve (James Cassell?)
* packaging (Ondřej Surý?, Jeroen?)
* pre-packaged (VM, Kolab environment, "JMAP Server")?

Meeting times:

Going to try for 10pm Melbourne on Mondays (6am US East) and 9am Melbourne on Thursdays (5pm US East, 11pm Central European) for the next week and see how they go.

Next meeting:
* Melbourne Thursday 9am == 20150226T22:00:00Z.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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