Meeting Notes Feb 20

Robert Norris robn at
Fri Feb 20 05:25:54 EST 2015

On Fri, 20 Feb 2015, at 08:50 PM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> * Jenkins - - need to get it work again and following
>   key branches

For straight-up build testing, there is, and its Github
integration. We can do it ourselves with Jenkins of course, but free
tools that someone else maintains is always interesting :)

> * Other test framework? Package builds/architectures supported.
>   Non-Intel will need to find someone to provide hardware.

There have in the past been multi-architecture compile farms
available, eg:

Not sure what state either of those are in. And there's possibly others.
Alas, the only one I have used, at Sourceforge, died years ago.

> * Test infrastructure and task management system is needed to keep
>   track of what's being worked on.

I'm happy to help out with infrastructure support and other random tech
crap if necessary - especially for the busy programmers and documenters
and testers that have better things to do that figuring out how to
install random $server. Just yell on this list or privately or in #cyrus
or whatever. Bron, you own my time anyway, so volunteer me for stuff if
you like :)

Cheers, Rob N.
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