Compiling Cyrus with Sun Studio on Solaris

ellie timoney ellie at
Sun Aug 23 21:36:20 EDT 2015

Hi Marty,

> I’m finally getting around to building the newer versions of Cyrus for
> our Solaris
> platform, and the Sun Studio compiler is complaining about lib/imapopts.c

lib/imapopts.c is generated by tools/config2header, so syntactic changes
will need to be handled there.

> The 3.0.0 b1 compile then failed as it was missing ‘httpd.h’,
> so I’m guessing there is another dependency that configure isn’t
> picking up.

Oh wow it looks like the httpd.h and httpd_dav.h files aren't included
in the release tarball.  I guess you're the first person to try building
from the tarball with the --enable-http option passed to configure,
congratulations. :(

This should be fixed in the next beta, but in the meantime you might
have better luck using a clone of the git repo?   Clone links available

> Lastly, 3.0.0 b1 imap/notify.c line 163 tries to return a value from
> a void function. Solaris compilers complain and abort about this. I’ve
> split it into a call to the function, followed by an empty return
> statement.
> Simple patch attached for that one.

Thanks, patch applied.



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