SEGFAULT in reconstruct (2.5.5)

Marty Lee marty at
Sun Aug 23 11:39:18 EDT 2015

> On 23 Aug 2015, at 09:40, Marty Lee <marty at> wrote:
> Aug 23 09:34:51 coll https[24456]: [ID 327283 local6.error] dav_exec() prepare: table ical_objs has no column named comp_flags
> Aug 23 09:34:51 coll https[24456]: [ID 846116 local6.error] append_fromstage() failed
> Aug 23 09:34:52 coll https[24462]: [ID 327283 local6.error] dav_exec() prepare: no such column: comp_flags
> Guess there something else I need to upgrade/run when moving from 2.4.17-caldav-b10 to 2.5.5.. Anyone have any ideas? (google on the errors provided no responses)

‘dav_reconstruct’ command in the ‘doc/install-upgrade.html’ file….

Would probably be a good idea to also mention this on the

page, since that mentions database upgrades, but doesn’t mention anything
in the section about WebDAV for calendar & contacts…

Doesn’t absolve me from blame for not reading the upgrade html doc.



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