Mailbox URI format in Event Notifications

Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Wed Nov 5 11:24:06 EST 2014

> If I understand this correctly, the uri here then is defined to have to be a
> uri that a client could interpret and follow and end up OK with?

Below the definition of the uri parameter from RFC 5423:

      Included with all notifications.  A reference to the IMAP server,
      a mailbox, or a message.

      Typically an IMAP URL.  This can include the name of the server
      used to access the mailbox/message, the mailbox name, the
      UIDVALIDITY of the mailbox, and the UID of a specific message.

The goal is to give access to the targeted object (mailbox, mail).
However I don't understand why the uri parameter should be included
with all notifications because mailboxID is included in events that
affect mailboxes (same information twice)

> This makes me wonder why it would be the mailbox owner being in the spot of
> <iuserinfo>, because imap:// Users/jane will not
> likely be understood correctly by clients -- as "jane", "Other Users/jane"
> will not exist. As not jane, the notification is not necessarily invalid nor
> irrelevant.

the value "imap:// Users/jane" is wrong and
should be fixed

> Neither would, I suppose, imap:// make all that
> much sense -- not unless a client is taught to understand "jane@'s INBOX is
> Other Users/jane".
> The jane@ part should go away or be substituted for the actual user that had
> the perspective of Jane's INBOX being at "Other Users/jane" when triggering
> the event notification.

The <enc-mailbox> field is used as the argument to the IMAP4
"SELECT"or "EXAMINE" command. So I suppose it depends on the namespace
So we would have the choice between imap://
and imap:// with MAILBOX_NAME that could
be "jane" "user.jane" or "user/jane"

>> If user john is doing something to a user jane mailbox, the
>> notification should contain the user john in the field "user" and the
>> URI imap:// in the fields "uri" and
>> "mailboxID". This is how I understand the RFC 5423.
> Many of the event notifications have turned out to not contain the "user"
> triggering the event at all, and I suppose I'll need to double-check if it
> is in fact the authenticated user id being used, or the mailbox owner.

It seems that RFC 5423 is not clear on how to manage notifications on
Other and Shared mailboxes.
I think that it depends on the type of event but it should not be an
issue for most of them
Do you need to know how has added or deleted a folder or mail in
someone else mailbox ?

The issue is probably for MessageRead when someone read the mail in
the mailbox of someone else. May be we should add the user parameter
for that event ?



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