Mailbox URI format in Event Notifications

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at
Wed Nov 5 10:03:50 EST 2014

On 2014-11-05 15:16, Sébastien Michel wrote:
>> For those of you using event notifications, I'm wondering how you make 
>> other software interpret these things -- our "other"software looks at 
>> everything from the administrative  perspective, and so we'd opt for a 
>> format of imap:// -- but I'm 
>> suspecting this may have implications I'm unaware of.
> Not sure that 'imap://' is right
> because the format defined in the RFC 5092 - IMAP URL :
>> imap://<iserver>/<enc-mailbox>[<uidvalidity>]<iuid>[<isection>][<ipartial>][<iurlauth>]
>>             The <iserver> component common to all types of absolute 
>> IMAP URLs has
>>                             the following syntax expressed in ABNF 
>> [ABNF]: [iuserinfo "@"] host [ ":" port ]

If I understand this correctly, the uri here then is defined to have to 
be a uri that a client could interpret and follow and end up OK with?

This makes me wonder why it would be the mailbox owner being in the spot 
of <iuserinfo>, because imap:// Users/jane 
will not likely be understood correctly by clients -- as "jane", "Other 
Users/jane" will not exist. As not jane, the notification is not 
necessarily invalid nor irrelevant.

Neither would, I suppose, imap:// make all 
that much sense -- not unless a client is taught to understand "jane@'s 
INBOX is Other Users/jane".

The jane@ part should go away or be substituted for the actual user that 
had the perspective of Jane's INBOX being at "Other Users/jane" when 
triggering the event notification.

> If user john is doing something to a user jane mailbox, the
> notification should contain the user john in the field "user" and the
> URI imap:// in the fields "uri" and
> "mailboxID". This is how I understand the RFC 5423.

Many of the event notifications have turned out to not contain the 
"user" triggering the event at all, and I suppose I'll need to 
double-check if it is in fact the authenticated user id being used, or 
the mailbox owner.

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