failed building quota list for ''

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Fri Feb 28 11:27:32 EST 2014

On Thursday, 27. February 2014 09:42:57 Thomas Jarosch wrote:
> Hi,
> we run the 'quota' command every fifteen minutes
> to gather statistics about the disk usage.
> After updating to cyrus-imapd 2.4.x, I sometimes (rarely though)
> get this message in the logs:
> Feb 27 01:30:02 mail quota[12433]: failed building quota list for '':
> System I/O error: No such file or directory

there's an ipurge processs running at the same time that
cleans out automatic generated emails from the "mon" watchdog:

We send an email to the "cyrus" user every few minutes
and then check if the message arrives in the mailbox.
Those messages get cleared every 15 minutes or so.

So at 01:30, quota and ipurge seem to be running
at the same time and produce the above error message.

Wild guess: There must be a small race window here
where the mailbox quota of the user/cyrus mailbox is not available
or some kind of temporary object is visible.

Too bad the error message 'failed building quota list for' is used at
two places in the code. I'll change those two to something unique.


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