Sharing mailbox between 'login accounts' - i.e. for remote devices...

Dan White dwhite at
Tue Jun 18 09:20:32 EDT 2013

On 06/18/13 08:17 -0500, Dan White wrote:
>On 06/18/13 11:36 +0100, Karl Pielorz wrote:
>>On our IMAP server we have a shared folder, accessed by a number of 
>>the IT support team.
>>At the moment we've setup separate 'unix' accounts for these people 
>>- e.g. 'tech1', 'tech2', 'tech3' - and then given them rights to 
>>the mailbox 'technical'.
>>However, this means they all technically have their own mailboxes 
>>(tech1, tech2 etc.)
>>Is there anyway of 'attaching' more than 1 login credential (i.e. 
>>unix account) to a shared mailbox? - i.e. So that 'tech1' logs in, 
>>but the system maps them to use the mailbox 'technical', 'tech2' 
>>logs in - but again the system maps them to the mailbox 
>>The main reason is a number of iDevices and clients don't like 
>>having the different mailboxes associated with the account - and 
>>users have to remember to 'drill down' through the hierarchy (if 
>>they can even see it).
>>I realise there should probably be a way of doing this on the 
>>clients (i.e. when you log in, look 'here' for your mailbox) - but 
>>that doesn't seem to consistently work across all the clients we 
>>use :( - It would be a lot simpler to have different 
>>usernames/passwords associated to a single mailbox.
>You can use user canonicalization to do that, using ldapdb (as of Cyrus
>SASL version 2.1.25). There is a sql plugin in bugzilla. The function of
>user canonicalization is to resolve a login identity to in internal
>identity prior to referencing their local mailbox.
>Another approach might be to find or modify an imap proxy to perform a
>proxy login.

Another simpler approach would be to have your users login with an authz
identity if your software supports it.

Dan White

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