official dev team position regarding multiple times requested feature (global sieve)

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Mon Jul 23 16:47:52 EDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-07-23 at 23:26 +0300, mailing list subscriber wrote: 
> With above figure in mind, I'm looking at the history of request for
> ability to have a forced, default, site-wide sieve script that the
> user or any other sieve client is unable to alter (I'll just pick most
> relevant):

Indeed, this would be terribly useful.

> 2004, with reference to 2001:
> 2006: A submitted patch
> 2007: A very good synthesis:
> 2010: sieve include implemented in v.2.3.0, still fails to meet above
> requirements

But you fail to reference an open bug?!

> With all due respect, what is the development's team position
> regarding this feature and how do the development team see a solution
> that meets both requirements?

I find "SIEVE scripts assigned to folders are not executed"

"People forget to cancel their vacation message"
NOTE: this is really a UI issue, IMO, multiple web clients solve this by
generating intelligent scripts.

I don't see any bugs about a default-user-sieve-script.  *BUT*
imapd.conf does offer this option [IMPLEMENTED]:
  autocreate_sieve_script: <none>
    The  full path of a file that contains a sieve script. This script
    automatically becomes a user’s initial default sieve filter script.
    When this option is not defined, no default sieve filter is created.
    The file must be readable by the cyrus daemon.

Of course, the user can override this.

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