official dev team position regarding multiple times requested feature (global sieve)

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Mon Jul 23 16:26:53 EDT 2012


There are many situations where users are hardly able to figure out
what to do if a shortcut icon has dissapeared from their desktop.
Among their email needs, two features stand out: ability to view the
possible spam emails into a separate folder and ability to setup their
own "out of office" messages.

The first one has multiple solutions but each involve additional work
from the sysadmin: either scripting or writing documentation to
instruct users enable the feature on their own.
The second one is handled either by client-side user script editing or
a web interface.
For a tech-savy user, combining the two is not a big challenge,
however our typical joe is going to eventually quit reading
instructions shortly at beginning and blame the IT for poor support.

On the other side, there is the management who is unable to understand
why the out of office and spam filtering must cost dollars per user (=
ms exchange) just to have these features usable by all employees.

The poor IT guy sits between these two forces and then pursues
developers of free software for this and that feature.

With above figure in mind, I'm looking at the history of request for
ability to have a forced, default, site-wide sieve script that the
user or any other sieve client is unable to alter (I'll just pick most

2004, with reference to 2001:

2006: A submitted patch

2007: A very good synthesis:

2010: sieve include implemented in v.2.3.0, still fails to meet above

With all due respect, what is the development's team position
regarding this feature and how do the development team see a solution
that meets both requirements?

Thank you.

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