commit "mboxevent: Rewrite JSON formatting"

Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Fri Aug 24 05:49:55 EDT 2012

2012/8/24 Greg Banks <gnb at>:
>> If nobody else expresses opinion, whether to put xjson in libcyrus or libcyrus_imap, it is up to you.  I just told you my opinion.
> My 2c: JSON code is a utility and should go in libcyrus.

As discussed on IRC, we decided to change the library to format to
JSON, from libjson (that will support 64bit integer only in the next
release) to jansson that is also a mature library, available on major
Linux distro and already support 64bit.

The last debate is on the bugzilla ticket #3605. It is about removing
the internal xjson.[ch] json formatter and add a default option
--disable-event-notification or --enable-event-notification and force
requirement on jansson library if enabled.
That involves decorating the code with a C macro in all source files
that refer to mboxevent.h.

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