cyrus 2.4.16, duplicate suppression = false and sieve redirects

Chris Stromsoe cbs at
Thu Aug 2 12:30:25 EDT 2012

Setting duplicate suppression to false does not disable duplicate 
suppression for sieve redirects in 2.4.16.

>From lmtp_sieve.c, starting line 378:

     /* if we have a msgid, we can track our redirects */
     if (m->id) {
         snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s-%s", m->id, rc->addr);
         sievedb = make_sieve_db(sd->username);
 = buf; = sievedb; = ((deliver_data_t *) mc)->m->date;
         /* ok, let's see if we've redirected this message before */
         if (duplicate_check(&dkey)) {
             duplicate_log(&dkey, "redirect");
             return SIEVE_OK;

Is the missing check a bug or feature?


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