"make dist" and cunit

Дилян Палаузов dilyan.palauzov at aegee.org
Fri Apr 20 06:15:47 EDT 2012


Can SMakefile be deleted?

> Remaining issues are:
>   * The cunit/ directory is proving resistant to automakification, but
>   successfully builds and runs unit tests.

I will rewrite cunit/Makefile.in to cunit/Makefile.am, for the purposes 
of having "make dist" including the files from there (and eliminate 

Do we need "make snapshot" in addition to "make dist"?

Then for "make dist" I think the only missing piece is the generation of 
xversion.h .  The file contains the git-commit-ID used, the date, and 
the distance from the last stable branch, created with
           @echo "#define _CYRUS_VERSION \"git$(PACKAGE_VERSION)+`git 
log --pretty=oneline $(PACKAGE_NAME)-$(PACKAGE_VERSION)..HEAD | wc 
-l`\"" >> snapshot/$(PACKAGE_NAME)-$(GIT_VERSION)/xversion.h

and a first line with a comment, containing either "/* Release 
$(PACKAGE_NAME)-$(PACKAGE_VERSION) */" when the file is created by "make 
dist(-git)", or "/* Development version */" in case of "make xversion.h" 
or "/* $(PACKAGE_NAME)-$(PACKAGE_VERSION) */" in case of "make snapshot".

Can this distinction of the first comment line of xversion.h be 
abolished, in the name of having a single place to generate xversion.h 
and how do you think it shall be generated?  By make-rule (run 
explicitly), by git hook (which everybody working with git has to 
install locally) or by some other ways?

Afterwards snapshot: and dist(-git): targets from Makefile.am can be 

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