Automake Support for cyrus-imapd 2.5

Bron Gondwana brong at
Sun Apr 15 06:27:19 EDT 2012

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 01:31 AM, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
> Hello,
> at git:// , branch dpa/automake I have 
> patched cyrus-imapd/master to support Automake .
> With the exception of perl and CUnit, I it works fine and permits 
> building in a directory, different from the source directory.  All 
> dependencies are moved to a single (except CUnit and Perl). 
>   The point with CUnit is, that I did not manage to get it running on my 
> system, so I left it as is.  The Makefile's generated from Makefile.PL 
> do not permit compiling perl files in a directory, different from the 
> source directory.

I wonder if we can change from Makefile.PL to one of the more modern
Perl build systems...

> I do not have the purify-tool, so I was not able to compile the 
> imap/imap.pure, imap/imap.quant, imap/lmtpd.pure, imap/muptead.pure, 
> imtest/imtest.pure, notifyd/notifyd.pure, ptclient/ptdump.pure, 
> ptclient/ptexpire.pure, ptclient/ptloader.pure and 
> timsieved/timsieved.pure targets.  Those are not transferred to 
> .  I guess, the one who use those pure-things, can easily 
> extend to support them.

We don't use them.  I wonder if anyone actually does :)

> "make dist" shall build .tar.bz2 including all files.  However I have 
> copied the dist-target from the old, removed all 
> Makefile.dist files.  The one who make tarballs/snapshots shall consider 
> if it is wiser to use the Automake system to make tarballs, or the 
> system used so far (with git).  So or so, the xversion.h file needs to 
> be generated by git.

So long as it can be done easily, I dno't much care.

> I hope you will like the result.  Let me know, if you experience any 
> (compilation) problems, after merging the changes.  I will respond promptly.
> By the way, when approximately will be v2.5 released?

We don't know for sure.  I had a good chat with Greg in Melbourne last
week about what still needs to be done.  My plan is to build a set of
bugs that need to be resolved, and make sure everything we're thinking
about is on that list!  Then we'll have a clearer idea.

Regardless, I think we should merge your automake code now, so we have
a chance to test it for a while!  I'm in transit to Oslo tomorrow, so
depending on jetlag and other tasks, it may be a little while before I
can merge it myself, so unless someone else grabs it... I'll do it when
I get a chance.

Thanks for all your work on this,

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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