MESSAGE quota resource implemention

Greg Banks gnb at
Mon Sep 5 00:12:47 EDT 2011

On 01/09/11 21:27, Julien Coloos wrote:

>> [...]  Perhaps
>> we should a) document it clearly and b) detect the situation and put
>> an obvious message saying something like "you may need to run quota -f
>> ..." where the human making the change will see it.  Also, such a
>> message might be useful when usage underflow is detected.
> My concern here is that there are times when quota changes are not done
> manually by a human, but happen automatically as part of platform
> provisioning scheme. For example, on many platforms we manage, if a user
> subscribes to some offer his/her mailbox quota will automatically be
> upgraded (IMAP action). So, at least in our case, I though it might be
> useful.
> But I agree that in case of underflow detection throwing a warning in
> syslog might help draw the attention when logs are analysed.

Ok, done:

Julien, I think we agreed on everything else, right?  I'm looking
forward to your next iteration.


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