Cyrus Roadmap [Was Re: Cross-compiling Cyrus in Buildroot]

Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Mon Jun 27 09:12:28 EDT 2011

> I'm hoping to release a Cyrus 2.5 in a few months - the blockers are
> a couple more RFC compatibility issues, and adding per-message
> annotations.

I see that it is planned to support IMAP ANNOTATE (RFC5257). It would be
However I think you mean support IMAP METADATA (RFC 5464) ?

Cross-folder conversations is very popular. I would be delighted to see master
/ master replication in Cyrus. Is there any way to contribute to these

Regarding the next 2.5. We would be able to provide event notifications
based on RFC 5423 (Internet Message Store Events). I will start a new thread
to discuss on this topic.

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