Murder send client to backend

Frank Patzig fp at
Sat Feb 12 14:59:29 EST 2011

Am 11.02.11 23:36, schrieb Dan White:
> On 11/02/11 21:18 +0100, Frank Patzig wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> i have a murder system. I need in the backend the client ip address
>> from the frontent. In the cyrus and imap conf fount not a option for
>> the problem. In the tcpdump found not a client ip. Can in the NOOP
>> <ip-address> or in the loginproccess/connect this?
> If your clients support IMAP referrals, then the client should be
> connecting
> directly to the backed and showing up in syslog. If your frontend is
> proxying your connections, then they'll log to the syslog of the frontend.
> A work around for that case might be to selectively configure remote
> syslogging on your frontends to all your backends.
Thanks for the answer.

Syslog is a good idee. The IP from client must send over the ports from 
imap an pop.

I need for the problem a patch.

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