Cyrus 2.4.13beta1 Released

Bron Gondwana brong at
Fri Dec 23 19:15:29 EST 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.13beta1.

You can download it from the snapshots directory:

This is an beta release in the 2.4.x series.

This release fixes includes quite a lot of bugs, and
includes patches from many authors via the bugzilla.

You can see the full changelog in git or in the
doc/changes.html file.  I'll paste that here:

* Bug #3565 - fix gcc compiler warnings - thanks
  Dilyan Palauzov <dilyan.palauzov at>
* Bug #2685 - rename annots in delayed folder delete. Avoids
  annotations "reappearing" when a folder is recreated
* Bug #3566 - actually fix in a backward compatible way.
  2.4.12 broke older versions of bison
* Lots of small cleanups from CMU as they prepared to build
  RSS into their 2.4 build. Thanks Ken
* Bug #3591/#3609 - fix crash in mupdate on partition move
* Bug #3610 - fix replication of partition move
* Bug #3564 - document the way prefork interacts with
  multiple network protocols
* Bug #3586 - allow rename of "\Noselect" if subfolders exist
* A handful of small cleanups (#3593, #3594, #3595) from
  David Carter <dpc22 at>. Very much appreciated
* Disabled duplicate_check DEBUG level log messages by default.
  Thanks Philip Prindeville <philipp at>
* Bug #3608 - log mailbox name in more sync failure cases
* Bug #3615 - fix proxyd_disable_mailbox_referrals.
  Thanks Andrew Morgan <morgan at>
* Bug #3611 - fix crash in sync_mailbox_full if expunge fails
* Backported some nice fixes from master, including safer
  thread/sort (there were some crashes on bad messages before)
* Fixed infinite loop on suppress_capabilities with
  substrings of other capabilities. Ouch.

Please send any feedback to the cyrus-devel mailing list.
I'm hoping to have a stable 2.4.13 out by the end of the

On a "code quality" note - it's getting harder over time to
backport changes from master to the 2.4 branch - there has
been a lot of code quality improvement, for which you can
particularly thank Greg Banks who has been doing some awesome
work with testing and tidying the codebase.  Along with the
work from CMU on RSS and Calendar, and the growing number of
contributers through bugzilla, the project is moving along
nicely.  Once 2.4.13 is solid, I want to nail down the feature
set that will be in the first 2.5 release, and get that out
the door.

Oh, and come hang in #cyrus on FreeNode if you want to chat
about Cyrus development - we've got a nice friendly community
there now.



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