Michel's Proprietary Patches [Was: Cyrus 2.3.16 \Seen flag problem]

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at opengroupware.us
Fri Apr 22 10:21:40 EDT 2011

On Fri, 2011-04-22 at 15:38 +0200, Julien Coloos wrote:
> However we think that a better way would be to split at attachment
> level instead of body level, it could be possible to save base64
> overhead, permit de-duping and do data compression (i.e on PDF or
> Office). May be it would be nice to add an http/webdav daemon to Cyrus
> to give direct access to the attachments...

Pretty wild, and very cool.  I know one of the challenges I see is
integrating with mail to the same level one can with proprietary
packages like Exchange, Google, etc...  While at the same time being
'standard'.  [And I've developed a WebDAV server, so always interested
in WebDAV stuff]

> - RFC 5423 - Internet Message Store Events is mostly implemented to
> send external notifications. We add an activemq plugin to notifyd to
> send JMS notifications.

Really?!  We are a Cyrus shop and make use of AMQP.  I'd love to see
this patch [for my own selfish uses].

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