Cyrus 2.3.16 \Seen flag problem

Julien Coloos julien.coloos at
Fri Apr 22 09:38:25 EDT 2011

Le 21/04/2011 20:40, Bron Gondwana a écrit :
>> Unfortunately, moving to 2.4.x version is not yet an option for us :(
> Why not?
>> So ... is there some cyrus guru expert out there with enough knowledge
>> of that part of the code to fix it in the 2.3.x version ?
> Yes - I already did once... and I'd rather not touch it with a
> bargepole again!  Seriously, there's all sorts of issues with
> that bit of the code in 2.3.x, and this is just one of them.
> I'd be interested in knowing your reasons for not upgrading to
> 2.4, because I'd prefer to fix those than ever look at the
> 2.3 seen management code again!
> Bron.

First, thanks for your quick reply.

Actually we do have quite a few (dozens) "patches" of our own applied to 
the cyrus codebase, and are currently on the 2.3.16 version.
I say "patches" because not all of them are quite "clean". In the past 
we already gave back some, so that you could merge them to the codebase 
if you deemed them interesting.
On the long run, we try to check/clean our other patches and decide 
whether they could be of any interest to be given back too; knowing that 
many of them are pretty specific to our customers requests, and are of 
absolutely no interest to the community (some of them should actually be 
burnt on the public place - the patches I mean ;) - ... but "the 
customer is King" and we do not always have the last word).

Did I already say we have quite a few patches ? Some of them do alter a 
lot of the original codebase. So it takes us some time to move to newer 
versions of cyrus, especially when the codebase is heavily rewritten - 
be it for the better :) - as it was for 2.4.x.
Actually we are currently considering whether the next codebase on which 
to work will be 2.4.x or (next to-be) 2.5.x.

And that's it for our story.

We thus tried our luck on the mailing list to see if someone with its 
bio-hazard suit on would dare to fix the bug in the maintained 2.3.x branch.


PS: maybe you remember having received an email from one of us some 
months ago (see attachment) ? It gave some more details on a few patches 
we do use on production platforms.

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