SASL lib 2.1.24

Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at
Wed Apr 6 11:12:55 EDT 2011

Hi Dave,

Dave McMurtrie wrote:

> On Apr 5, 2011, at 8:14 AM, Alexey Melnikov 
> <alexey.melnikov at> wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> Dan White wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Are there intentions to move away from CVS to git for sasl?
>> This hasn't been discussed yet. But this is not my call to make, 
>> somebody from CMU (Ken?) needs to comment on this.
> We really need to fully integrate the SASL bits of Project Cyrus with 
> the infrastructure.  As it stands, we made SASL 
> downloadable from the website and put the docs online, but that was 
> where we stopped.
> Since we're using Git for Cyrus IMAP with great success, it seems to 
> me that SASL should be migrated over to Git, as well.
> Alexey, Ken and Dan (and anyone else?) are you guys interested in 
> this? I can set up whatever access you need once I get back from 
> vacation next week.

Sure. I am using Git at work anyway.

> We (or really, the Cyrus board) should talk about things like who will 
> act as release engineer for SASL at some point.


>>> Are there any developer TODO lists for the project?
>> I keep my personal list. I don't know if Ken has another list.
>> I can make my list public if people are interested.
> Alexey, if you register on the site you 
> could put these kind of things in the wiki.  Again, I won't be back at 
> work until next week, but if you like this idea I can help get you set up.

Ok, I will have a look.

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