Wiki, information on database back ends.

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Tue Sep 14 18:09:13 EDT 2010

Patrick Goetz wrote:
> On 09/14/2010 02:35 PM, Dave McMurtrie wrote:
>> On 09/14/2010 03:24 PM, Patrick Goetz wrote:
>> The flip side of this is that you are now welcome and encouraged to
>> change that.
> I'd be happy to write up some stuff as soon as I have answers to some of 
> my questions (i.e. as soon as I have something to write about).

I added some basic information to the FAQ in the "Questions about 
features" section to attempt to answer your database backends question. 
  It doesn't fully answer your question, but it's a start.

> I've spent quite a bit of time looking at cyrus 2.3.16 source code this 
> summer, and it sure would have been helpful if the coders had taken 30 
> seconds or a minute to write a few comments for each function.  Just 
> sayin....

There aren't a ton of style guidelines for the Cyrus codebase other than

Specifically, I'm not aware of anything that tells a developer to add a 
comment for each function.

Since we're aiming to attract more developers to the project, I'm 
planning to soon open this topic up for further discussion with the core 

Now that you've studied the code, if we can get core developer agreement 
on having a standard comment blurb for each function, would you be 
interested in submitting patches to include these comments?



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