Welcome Greg and Max

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Tue Oct 19 21:05:08 EDT 2010

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Greg and Max to the Cyrus
mailing lists, and the Cyrus team at FastMail/Opera Software. They are
both excellent programmers who we were lucky to hire.  It's always hard
to find great developers because they don't change jobs that often, and
we were really lucky to be able to make these positions available when
they were looking!

Now that Cyrus 2.4 has been released with a lot of the groundwork for
bandwidth efficient replication in place, Max is going to be working
on improving the management tools and monitoring of the replication
process.  Our goal is to support master-master replication with safe
conflict resolution, and multiple replication topologies including
replication with more than two copies.  This will allow efficient
failover within a single datacentre as well as geographically
distant close-to-real-time disaster recovery.

Greg has already done some great work tidying up some of the worst
offences against good taste in the codebase (like trailing whitespace)
and collecting the discussions about coding standards from the
mailing list into a coherent document so we can all work to the same
standards going forwards.  The goal is to document what we actually
do rather than enforce anything new, but keep it easy to understand
each others' code as we have more people working on the codebase.

Greg will also be working on enhanced search capabilities and cross
folder functionality that will allow us to present "conversations" -
similar to threads but not constrained to a single folder.

I'd like you all to make them feel at home here.  It's fantastic to
have the additional resources available - both the time Opera has
allowed me in getting 2.4 finished, and now these additional
programmers to speed the work on new features.

FastMail has always had Cyrus as the core of our email system, and
we're really happy to be working within the project to make it
even better for us (and everyone else at the same time.)



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