Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at
Wed Nov 18 09:04:01 EST 2009

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

>>>>Do we have a roadmap for what else people want on the 2.4 branch?
>>>>I'd be happy to put a bit more effort into polishing up those features
>>>>that are there so we can ship a 2.4 soonish.  Say by April next year,
>>>>which gives us 6 months to prepare.
>>>My original vision for 2.4 was to be compliant with the LEMONADE v2 profile.
>>Sounds like a good plan :)
>>>At this point is can morph into anything we want.  Some of the 2.4
>>>features required changes that I felt were too in depth to put into
>>>a relatively stable 2.3.
>>>I'm pretty close to having the time to dive back into the 2.4 code.
>>>The first thing that needs to be done is to merge all of the new 2.3
>>>stuff into 2.4.
>>Sure.  I'm happy to put the more unstable stuff (even including the
>>charset changes) into 2.4.  I just want to have some idea that they
>>won't get stuck waiting for some lemonade scented towlettes forever.
>Is Lemonade still alive?  I haven't heard much about it, and I'm pretty
>sure I read a couple of articles/BLOGs that the initiative was
>essentially dead.
IETF Lemonade WG successfully completed all work with publication of 
Lemonade Profile (RFC 5550) in August 2009. Multiple implementations of 
various parts of it exist, including opensource implementations such as 
Dovecot and Zimbra (and Cyrus, of course).

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