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Wed Nov 18 08:42:01 EST 2009

> > >Do we have a roadmap for what else people want on the 2.4 branch?
> > >I'd be happy to put a bit more effort into polishing up those features
> > >that are there so we can ship a 2.4 soonish.  Say by April next year,
> > >which gives us 6 months to prepare.
> > My original vision for 2.4 was to be compliant with the LEMONADE v2 profile.
> Sounds like a good plan :)
> > At this point is can morph into anything we want.  Some of the 2.4
> > features required changes that I felt were too in depth to put into
> > a relatively stable 2.3.
> > I'm pretty close to having the time to dive back into the 2.4 code.
> > The first thing that needs to be done is to merge all of the new 2.3
> > stuff into 2.4.
> Sure.  I'm happy to put the more unstable stuff (even including the
> charset changes) into 2.4.  I just want to have some idea that they
> won't get stuck waiting for some lemonade scented towlettes forever.

Is Lemonade still alive?  I haven't heard much about it, and I'm pretty
sure I read a couple of articles/BLOGs that the initiative was
essentially dead.

> Dump and restore your DB and do it this way!  In general I'd like to
> simplify configuration where possible even at the expense of backwards
> compatibility. 

+1 Fine with me.

> We could have a "config_version: 2.4" key which needs
> to be changed over major version differences, and keep configs compatible
> within the major versions. (2.x that is)

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