"Cyrus IMAP4" to "Cyrus IMAP" accidental change of greeting?

Ken Murchison murch at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 1 07:46:16 EDT 2009

I don't recall if this change was intentional or accidental, but I 
wouldn't recommend trying to use any free-form banner information to 
determine a server's capability.  In fact, some Cyrus servers might not 
even include "Cyrus" in the banner if folks turn the "serverinfo" option 

The proper way to detect the presence of shared seen state is the 
following (don't forget that shared seen state is per-mailbox):


If not present, then no shared seen state.


GETANNOTATION <mboxname> "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sharedseen" "value"

If you get an empty response, then no shared seen state.  Otherwise, the 
value will tell you if its enabled on the given mailbox.

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Just saw that between 2.3.11 and 2.3.12 the greeting changed to not include
> the "4" of "IMAP4" anymore.
> https://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/src/cyrus/imap/imapd.c.diff?r1=1.545;r2=1.547;f=h
> The log message indicate no rational of this change, is it indentional?
> (The second commit fixed a typo that "POP3" was in there, so it does look like 
> a typo indeed.)
> Ken, both commits are from you. :)
> I detected this change because we wanted to detect if there is the ability to 
> have shared seen flags in KDE Kontact enterprise and our regex 
> contained "IMAP4", thus we've noticed the change.
> We'll change the regex, this kind of change should not happen without a reason 
> I guess.
> (Even better would be to have a capability or so or a better way of detecting 
> the existance of the shared seen flags annotation switch. :) )
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Carnegie Mellon University

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