Death by a thousand config items

Wesley Craig wes at
Tue Sep 30 13:46:42 EDT 2008

I agree, and I think that would make a good reason to release  
something called "2.4" -- it will break a bunch of stuff.  With that  
in mind, I'm about to propose another pair of config options.  These  
will control whether sieve should be compatible with draft 8 or 9 in  
terms of response to AUTHENTICATE & STARTTLS.  This will go right  
along with the sieve utf-7/-8 change, I suppose.


On 30 Sep 2008, at 08:48, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> I don't think there's anything we can do about this
> right now, but I would like to plant the seed of the
> idea in people's minds that we should flip the
> defaults on a whole bunch of these options when 2.4
> is ready to go stable.
> This will have to be a very widely documented fact,
> and we'll advise packagers of the software to ship
> default configs that are backwards compatible if
> they have to - or if their format supports it,
> automatically add the correct lines to the config -
> but things like a saner sort order for mailboxes.db
> do have to switch over some time!

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