Things for 2.3.13

Wesley Craig wes at
Thu Sep 25 11:04:03 EDT 2008

On 23 Sep 2008, at 22:43, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> That's my entire wishlist for 2.3.13 (plus the buffer size patch you
> already included)

I think there should be an RC2.

I don't see:

included in RC1.  I gathered that *was* on your wishlist for 2.3.13.

I've marked a few other bugzilla items as blockers, as an indication  
of what I think should go into 2.3.13.  In general, unified murder  
continues to be broken for many uses.  I have fixes for 2914, but  
2915 requires some discussion.  There's also 2814, 2973, and 2976,  
all related to unified murder faults.

Stuff not in bugzilla (AFAIK) for which I have fixes running in  

. force_sasl_client_mech and hostname_mechs can't be plain when  
backends require PLAIN+TLS.

. backend_connect edits prot->banner.is_capa.

. the mupdate master reports changes to mupdate slaves out of order  
if the change rate is higher that 1 every 10 seconds.

. master starts two threads for every connection.

. mupdate slave ignores errors when writing NOOPs (e.g., that the  
GSSAPI context has expired).  There's also the possibility to get our  
of sync with the mupdate master.

I also have tested code:

. which implements the various LDAP changes that I've discussed on  
the list.

. adds debugging for ctl_mboxlist, replacing the assert I added  
recently for cases where ctl_mboxlist was incorrectly removing local  

. proxies quota commands when supports_referrals is 0.

. which looks for cases of MODSEQ being inappropriately set to 0 and  
correcting it to be 1.  Several buggy versions were released into the  
wild, so it's quite likely that there are MODSEQ 0 mailboxes out  
there.  Xfer-ing them to a machine with this code in place will  
correct the corruption.  Xfer-ing them to a machine without this code  
in place causes sync_client to die.

I'm also pretty confident there's a bug in prot_select() which causes  
it to return prematurely, indicating there's IO available on a socket  
when instead there's just an event that needs to be serviced.  I  
haven't worked on a fix, but I think it's likely there are deadlocks  
that happen as a result of this bug.  Not that I've seen any in the  
wild, yet.

There might also need to be something done about the sieve utf-7  
thing.  Not that I have a proposal...


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