[Cyrus-CVS] src/cyrus/imap by murch

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Tue Sep 23 19:53:02 EDT 2008

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 07:15:15PM -0400, Matt Selsky wrote:
> Quoting murch at andrew.cmu.edu:
>> Update of /afs/andrew/system/cvs/src/cyrus/imap
>> In directory unix36.andrew.cmu.edu:/var/tmp/cvs-serv5457
>> Modified Files:
>> 	Makefile.in cyr_virusscan.c
>> Log Message:
>> aded code to append a notification message to user's INBOX when we remove
>> infected messages from any of their mailboxes
>> --- links to diffs follow ---
>> http://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/src/cyrus/imap/Makefile.in.diff?r1=1.195&r2=1.196
>> http://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/src/cyrus/imap/cyr_virusscan.c.diff?r1=1.4&r2=1.5
> Why is this new feature being committed on the stable branch right  
> before the (hopefully soon) 2.3.13 release?

It looks to me like a standalone daemon that doesn't run unless you
explicitly invoke it.  So long as the file compiles, it doesn't really
make much difference!


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