Johannes Rußek russek at
Thu Sep 11 12:25:11 EDT 2008

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to extend the SSL client cert functionality to a point where
it's flexible to use and may fit any existing PKI. For that i need to
have an option in imapd.conf which would specify which part of the
certificate to use to get the username (right now it's hardcoded CN, i
need also UID, and for virtual-domains EMAIL or subjectAltName:email
would be useful).
So i took a look at how People used to write options in imapoptions and
it appeared to me that most options would use the STRINGLIST, even
though it seemed to me their options were exclusive. Why wouldn't they
use ENUM values?
I was thinking about using the ENUM values so i could use
switch(config_getenum(tls_username_attribute)) for easier programming
and no need to use strcasecmp etc. 
Does this make sense or is there a good reason to rather use
Best regards,
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