Cyrus 2.3.13 RC1

Wesley Craig wes at
Wed Oct 8 19:57:06 EDT 2008

On 03 Oct 2008, at 07:19, Lorenzo M. Catucci wrote:
> As for bugzilla, the bug-tracker should be better advertised both on
> the website and in released documentation;

I agree.  I'd really like it if the main cyrus page was just a  
framework to get to bugzilla, the wiki, the mailing lists, and the  
download pages.  The static pages are not really serving the cyrus  
community very well, probably they never have.  But if users read &  
contributed to the bugzilla, the wiki, and the mailing list (I feel  
like I'm missing something else, but I can't think of it), then we'd  
be doing much better.

> I think some summary in the
> changelogs like "fixes xxx bugzilla bugs and introduces yyy bugzilla
> enhancements" would be nice to show...

As a separate topic, I agree.  The converse is also true: close  
bugzilla entries should refer to CVS diffs.  Personally, my CVS  
commits read:

	what was changed
	who was involved in the change
	bugzilla number

And my closed bugzilla entries refer back to the CVS-web diff URLs.   
Perhaps we could agree on a methodology, here...


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