Cyrus 2.3.13 RC1

Lorenzo M. Catucci lorenzo at
Fri Oct 3 07:19:29 EDT 2008

On Thu, 2 Oct 2008, Wesley Craig wrote:

WC> On 02 Oct 2008, at 12:23, Lorenzo M. Catucci wrote:
WC> > I'd be very happy if the perl patchlet and the update of config.guess/sub
WC> > I wrote about on may, 27 would be applied too;
WC> Is there some reason we wouldn't move to the latest config.guess/sub?  Also,
WC> can you submit a bugzilla about the perl dlopen thing?

As for config.{guess,sub}, I'd go for the latest too, and for trying not 
to get too outdated in the future...

As for bugzilla, the bug-tracker should be better advertised both on 
the website and in released documentation; I think some summary in the 
changelogs like "fixes xxx bugzilla bugs and introduces yyy bugzilla 
enhancements" would be nice to show...

WC> Perhaps we need to have a 64-bit strategy discussion.  There doesn't seem to
WC> be a lot of cyrus code related to size sensitivity.  I personally hate the
WC> syntax:

[ ... ]

WC> (Don't take it personally, I can totally see why you'd write it that way --
WC> cyrus offers no hints on doing it any other way.)  I would typically have a
WC> header which isolated all the size sensitivity and write the above blocks
[ ... ]

No offense taken, I mostly agree with you, even though I don't really like 
string concatenation magic for formats. Still, I think a step-wise 
strategy would be better, maybe putting in some kind of "silent" 
grep-able comments to help in the following steps.

WC> We have a patch in bugzilla that adds a 'z' modifier specifically to support
WC> size_t.  But what about uid_t, off_t, pid_t.

add gid_t here!

Thank you very much, yours


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