Cyrus 2.3.13 RC1 [7A2-99B]

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Thu Oct 2 12:34:21 EDT 2008

I got a bounce from cmu mail-exchangers; resend.

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On Thu, 2 Oct 2008, Ken Murchison wrote:

KM> This seems like something that should go into 2.3.13.  Wes, Bron, and
KM> comments?
KM> [...]
KM> >
KM> > statuscache_db.c assumes an off_t is 32bits.
KM> >
KM> >     if (p < dend) scdata->index_size = strtoul(p, &p, 10);
KM> >
KM> > and in the printf that generates the string for the DB.
KM> >

I'd be very happy if the perl patchlet and the update of config.guess/sub
I wrote about on may, 27 would be applied too; it seems so 80's for cyrus
not being able to configure out of the box on 64bit x86 systems... as for
the solaris comment in the dnl lines, I've anabled detection of PIC needs
as an opt-in... someone sould test (and add, if needed/wanted) new
versions of Solaris, osX and the like.

As for the patch we are discussing here, I found the reported bug just
chilling, but I feared the unconditional 64-bit stuff too... The only
problem is I don't have any old-fashioned pure 32 bit off_t system handy,
and someone else should check the patch on a real system.

Thank you very much, yours


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