about the replication

Rob Mueller robm at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 23 23:35:41 EST 2008

> I ran my script last night on one of the back-ends.  This one has 20928
> mailboxes.  And 1067 are not in sync.  From those, 897 users didn't have 
> all their mailboxes replicated to the replica.  The others had the same 
> folder count, but one or more messages were not the same (or weren't 
> there).

We also have a script which does this for all users every week. It checks 
for each user that the following match:

1. Folder list
2. Folder subscriptions
3. Quota (total + used)
4. Sieve scripts
5. For every folder, status output for (messages uidnext unseen recent 
6. For every message in every folder, flags + message sizes + GUID

All of those are reasonably quick since they access only meta-data. We also 
check on a regular basis for a random sampling of messages that rfc822.sha1 
on both sides match.

The script also waits for a few seconds and retries if there's any problems 
(replication is non-synchronous, so there may be delays in differences 
between both sides).

If there's a mismatch problem, the script can be set to:

1) Run a sync_client -u
2) Run a reconstruct on both sides
3) Completely delete the replica mailbox and run a sync_client -u to build a 
complete new copy from scratch

One annoying thing we've found recently is that sync_client -u doesn't fix 
quota problems, it seems the protocol doesn't include an absolute "set 
replica quota to this" action. We'd been meaning to look into that but 
hadn't got to it.

David: Don't suppose you could check that out? It would be nice if 
sync_client -u could really fix every user problem, it's very close to that 
right now, quota mismatches seems to be about the only thing it can't fix.

FYI, unfortunately at the moment this script is fairly closely tied to our 
system (it uses a bunch of other modules to work out master/replica servers 
for a user). It probably would be nice to factor that stuff out so others 
could use it...


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