Fwd: mech_step takes long to return

Igor Brezac igor at ypass.net
Tue Oct 23 08:45:16 EDT 2007

Aditya Khasnis wrote:
> Hello,
> We have a LDAP server that uses Cyrus SASL library v 1.5.27.
> On AIX 5.2, we observe that the SASL searches take long to return. The
> behavior is such that the first SASL search that we fire returns fast but the
> subsequent search takes long time to return.
> I have tried to debug SASL library and in the place where it takes long is
>  the function sasl_server_start(), and exact location is line 1205.
> It will be great if you great if you could provide us any guidance to debug
> the problem. The mechanism we are using in the search is DIGEST-MD5.
> Regards,
> Aditya
This looks like your ldap queries are slow.  I suggest you look at your
ldap server config...


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