Cyrus 2.3.10 RC2

David Carter dpc22 at
Fri Oct 12 06:37:19 EDT 2007

On Fri, 12 Oct 2007, Rudy Gevaert wrote:

> It's still not really clear to me what to do to use replication with 

I think that this is covered by:

> Note that is is NOT REQUIRED that existing GUIDs be upgraded.
>         1. Zero GUIDs on the replica (reconstruct -g)
>         2. Regenerate GUIDs on the master (reconstruct -G)
>         3. Regenerate GUIDs on the replica (reconstruct -G)

You should do this eventually. But it isn't required: things should carry 
on working happily with a mix of old UUIDs and new SHA1 GUIDs. The upgrade 
was designed to be safe if people just drop 2.3.10 in place.

Eventually we should have some tools which can compare GUIDs from the 
cyrus.index files with SHA1s computed on the fly as a sanity check.
They aren't there yet, so there is no immediate advantage of 
reconstructing other than consistency.

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