Cyrus 2.3.10 RC2

David Carter dpc22 at
Thu Oct 11 15:27:57 EDT 2007

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Ken Murchison wrote:

> If there are any outstanding issues that you believe still need to be 
> addressed in 2.3.10, please let me know.

Found the following this afternoon:

  Note that the replication protocol currently does not have the facility
  to support the IMAP CONDSTORE extension (modification sequences). It is
  recommended that you do not try to use both CONDSTORE and replication
  at this time. The deficiencies in the replication protocol will be
  fixed in version 2.3.9.

I realise that we are perilously close to 2.3.10 now, but I believe that

replicates modseq updates. It could do from review from someone who 
actually understands CONDSTORE. I was in two minds whether to use separate 
SetModseq and SetHighestModset commands, but I believe that all updates 
bump the highestmodset, so I am using a single combined command to update 
highestmodset and an arbitrary list of modseqs on the target mailbox.

It does involve a protocol change: an extra modseq item for every mailbox 
and message from the USER and MAILBOXES command on the server, plus the 
new SETMODSEQ command.

unexpunge doesn't update modseq: should it?

Also a trivial patch which should definitely be applied:

we are protected from an infinite loop by the:

         while (msg && (record.uid > msg->uid))
             msg = msg->next;

above in each case, but that's not really what it is there for.

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