A couple of goodies

David Carter dpc22 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 25 10:35:26 EDT 2007

On Wed, 25 Jul 2007, Bron Gondwana wrote:

> See also the attached, our latest patch - it includes a bugfix which stops
> you being able to randomly move some user's home directory to a non-home
> directory elsewhere.  Something that you could do only because of the bug
> in mboxname_isusermailbox.

I think that the problem is specific to virtual domain setups.

> It also makes mboxname_isusermailbox a fair bit easier to read - though 
> it does a config item lookup each use - might be worth making that 
> static or even a bit more global.  Hmm.  What do you think?

config_getstring() is actually just an array lookup: the hard work is done 
at compile time.

mboxlist_delayed_delete_isenabled() and mboxlist_in_delete_hierachy() have 
some caching, but this is really just habit on my part.

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