A couple of goodies

Tom Samplonius tom at samplonius.org
Sun Jul 15 19:33:48 EDT 2007

----- "Wesley Craig" <wes at umich.edu> wrote:
> On 12 Jul 2007, at 16:32, David Carter wrote:
> > rename() isn't quite as safe as linking each message in turn and
> then
> > removing the source mailbox: if the power fails after the rename()
> but
> > before the mboxlist is updated then you have a missing mailbox.  
> > However:
> > 1) Mailbox renames are rare
> Accept on the first of the month.

  I wonder:  why rename at all?  Wouldn't be easier to store mail box unique id, and then just LDAP to mail usernames to ids.  I always thought that Cyrus should have this feature.

  But this doesn't really help with sub-folders, and I guess you are talking about rotation of sent-mail folder on the first of the month?  Or batch suspension of accounts?  But sub-folders could be handled the same way.  The mailbox db could link a mailbox name to an id, so nothing has to be changed in the filesystem when a rename is performed.


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