Status of the "sieveprepend" patch

Sven Mueller sven at
Mon Feb 12 14:15:56 EST 2007

Florian G. Pflug wrote on 11/02/2007 19:40:
> Two months or so ago I posted a patch that allows an admin
> to define a "prepend sieve script" which is executed _before_
> the user's own sieve script. I've done that by extending
> the already existing "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sieve" annotation
> to be meaningfull for a user's inbox in addition to global mailboxes.
> Is there any interest in integrating this patch into cyrus 2.3?
> I don't really like the idea of having to use a non-standard cyrus
> version forever, so I'd be ready to adapt the patch if it's not
> suitable for inclusion in it's present form.

I would greatly appreciate this patch in the stock 2.3. Actually I would
greatly appreciate a patch which provides both prepending and appending
systemwide scripts.

Allowing to define several scripts for a user would be even nicer,
something like

prepend-script: prependbc
append-script: appendbc

where an absolute path could be used for prependbc/appendbc to define
system-wide preprended/appended scripts while a non-absolute path would
define a script looked for in the user's sieve folder (alongside the
defaultbc main sieve script). This would allow to cater for a lot of use
cases I had to find workarounds for during my mail admin work.

Use case for global prepend scripts is obvious: enforce some global
rules, such as forcing internal mails into a seperate folder.
Use case for global append scripts: Allow users to override default
filter rules by already sorting the mail in their own script.
Use case for user specific prepend scripts: Allow users to use any Sieve
frontend to modify their own rules, while allowing the system (for
example via a web interface) to manage some initial filtering, most
notably the way Spam is filtered. A similar use case could probably be
found for user specific appends.


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