Status of the "sieveprepend" patch

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Sun Feb 11 13:40:43 EST 2007


Two months or so ago I posted a patch that allows an admin
to define a "prepend sieve script" which is executed _before_
the user's own sieve script. I've done that by extending
the already existing "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sieve" annotation
to be meaningfull for a user's inbox in addition to global mailboxes.

I need this because I want to be able to seperate the Junk-Filtering
rules for any user-specific rules. This allows me e.g. to use any
sieve webinterface, without worrying that a user might accidentally
disable Junk-Filtering. It also makes changing the filtering policy
(no filtering, tag junk, move junk to junk folder) much easier, because
I just have to change the annotation to point to one of three 
predefined, global sieve scripts. If I used that include capability 
instead, I'd have to edit the user's sieve script.

Is there any interest in integrating this patch into cyrus 2.3?
I don't really like the idea of having to use a non-standard cyrus
version forever, so I'd be ready to adapt the patch if it's not
suitable for inclusion in it's present form.

The most intrusive part of the patch is that it changes the signature
of sieve_execute_bytecode.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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