timsieved and unexisting users

Dilyan Palauzov Dilyan.Palauzov at aegee.org
Thu Sep 28 10:32:44 EDT 2006

I want to use timsieved to upload sieve scripts and it shall be nice  
if the users do not necessary have to exist.

Motivation: On my system I have very few users with mailboxes and lots  
of mail aliases (virtual accounts with password, without mailbox). I  
want to develop a milter (=sendmail filter) extension, which provides  
the users the ability to manage their mail, even without having a  
local mailbox. (The main purpose is to stop the spam if the users want  
to, and to make smtp-rejects, instead of bounces).

The easiest way would be to allow the users, who can successfully  
authenticate towards cyrus-imap, to upload scripts with timsieved,  
even if they don't have a local mailbox, in the same way, as the users  
wihout mailbox are able to authenticate towards the imap-process.  
Ideally this functionality shall be offered as an option in cyrus.imap  
or imap.conf .

Thanks for your attention (and hopefully understanding),

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