should sync_server talk to mupdate?

Wesley Craig wes at
Sat Jul 22 21:52:33 EDT 2006

I've my replica backend without access to my update server, reasoning  
that sync_server -- the only thing running -- doesn't need access.   
However, when sync_client requests deletes or renames, sync_server  
seems to attempt to contact the mupdate server.  I suppose I *could*  
remove the mupdate server configuration from the replica, but is  
there a circumstance under which sync_server ought to be talking to  
the mupdate server?

It seems like calls to mboxlist_deletemailbox() could set the  
local_only flag.  mboxlist_renamemailbox() doesn't have such a flag,  
but presumably would need one.  sync_reset has the same issues.


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