imapd logging for mail deletion/creation

Henning Holtschneider henning at
Wed Sep 14 13:25:24 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 17:21, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> I would wish for a soltion that can log all this, can be configured
> and comes with cyrus imapd by default.

I would very much appreciate more debugging possibilities as well! I've been 
administering Unix-based Courier and Cyrus IMAP servers for almost ten years 
now and both lack real-world logging options to answer questions like:

- "Help, I cannot log in." - "Did you use the correct username/password?"
- "Help, someone deleted my message." [user deleted the message at 8:45]
- "Help. message XY is gone." [moved to folder Z yesterday]
- "Help, I cannot access folder XY anymore." [permissions changed by X at 

These things might sound stupid to developers, but it happens quite often. 
Apart from that, we have some new laws coming here in Europe which will force 
all companies to document the flow of tax-relevant documents (including 
emails). Having the needed logging options available in Cyrus would make that 
task a lot easier.

Henning Holtschneider
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