patch for timsieved (fix for unclean shutdown when used TLS)

Andrey V. Malyshev amal at
Wed Nov 9 04:38:08 EST 2005


Soft: cyrus-imapd, both v. 2.2.12 and cvs version


When we connect to timsieved using TLS, it does not do clean exit, and we 
see in logfile:

sieve[76765]: DBERROR db4: Database handles remain at environment close
 sieve[76765]: DBERROR db4: Open database handle: /var/imap/tls_sessions.db

(last string - only when using bdb v.4.3 and my previous patch, for other 
versions of bdb - only first string).

Patch: in attachment.

Thanks for attention.

With best regards, Andrey V. Malyshev.
E-mail: amal at 
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