Some sub-mailboxes are gone

Paul van der Vlis paul at
Wed Feb 4 08:07:52 EST 2009


I have a customer where some important sub-mailboxes are gone. Other
sub-mailboxes are still there.
The customer is using Cyrus 2.1 and Thunderbird 1.5 as IMAP client.
The backups are too old.

In Cyrus 2.2 I see something like "Delete mailbox ..." in the logs when
a mailbox is deleted, but in Cyrus 2.1 there is nothing in the logs when
a mailbox is deleted, correct?

When I delete a mailbox in Thunderbird I get many warnings, I don't
think they have really deleted the mailbox. Maybe they moved it by
accident to another location, but I cannot find it.

What could be wrong?

With regards?
Paul van der Vlis.


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